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[een-spee-cho] the best of Miami arts

The BEST Way to Experience INSPICIO !

The BEST Way to Experience INSPICIO !


EIGHT complimentary editions of Inspicio’s e-Magazine are ready for installation and download to your Apple iPad (preferably) and iPhone from the Apple App Store.


From your iPad desktop or iPhone desktop, tap on the App Store icon.  Search for “inspicio” in the App Store and follow instructions.


THE CURRENT EDITION OF THE INSPICIO E-MAGAZINE features a video interview with cover person Pat Bosch.  As the Design Director of the Miami office of Perkins + Will since 1996, Pat Bosch has been internationally recognized for her design work and diversity of buildings. Her projects have been honored with multiple design awards both nationally and internationally.

In addition, there are video interviews with with avant-garde composer Fredrick Kaufman; WLRN’s Tom Hudson; author Debra Dean; actor and director Carl Cofield; artist and environmental activist Xavier Cortada; photographer Kathy Shorr; gallerist Fredric Snitzer; arts leader, film producer, and art collector Dennis Scholl; film director Tomás Alzamora and film producer Pablo Calisto; Mitchell Kaplan, founder of Books & Books, the Miami Book Fair, and Mazur/Kaplan film production company; and New York State Poet Laureate Marie Howe.

Plus cartoonist Alex Rocky Ferrer, who concludes our Artists’ Mothers series with a depiction of René Magritte’s mother.

We hope what you read, hear, and see in Inspicio adds value to your appreciation of the arts in Miami and South Florida.