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JGH Auxiliary Presents Video Interviews from Inspicio Arts

JGH Auxiliary Presents Video Interviews from Inspicio Arts





The JEWISH GENERAL HOSPITAL AUXILIARY MENUS FOR THE MIND SERIES is proud to present unique digital video interviews with prominent dynamic people in the arts, originally created for the Inspicio arts publication platform.

Founded by editor-in-chief Raymond Elman, Inspicio is sponsored by The College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts at Florida International University, and provides high-quality, in-depth insights into all arts disciplines with a focus on Miami and South Florida.

The curated video interviews listed below are presented in a unique multi-clip format and will be available for viewing at your leisure until October 7th, after which they will be replaced with a new group of curated video interviews.

If you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy these interviews, please call Marla at 514-340-8216 and share your thoughts.

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Bari Weiss: New York Times Editor / Writer + Author


BARI WEISS is an Op-Ed staff editor and writer for the New York Times. Ms. Weiss’s first book, “How to Fight Anti-Semitism,” was published by Crown in September 2019.




Jane Leavy: Author of the 3 Best Baseball Biographies — Sandy, Mickey, & Babe


JANE LEAVY is the award-winning author of the New York Times bestsellers ‘The Big Fella, Babe Ruth and the World He Created;’ ‘The Last Boy, Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood;’ ‘Sandy Koufax, A Lefty’s Legacy;’ and the comic novel ‘Squeeze Play,’ which Entertainment Weekly called “the best novel ever written about baseball.”




Mitchell Kaplan: A Man for All Seasons


Everybody who reads books in the Miami area knows that MITCHELL KAPLAN is the highly successful founder of the independent bookstore group, Books & Books, and co-founder of the Miami Book Fair, the largest book fair in the United States. He is also the co-founder of the Mazur/Kaplan Company (making films out of books).




Believer: David Axelrod’s Improbable Journey


 DAVID AXELROD was born and raised in New York City, graduated from the University of Chicago, was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, became a political operative and TV analyst, wrote a wonderful New York Times bestselling memoir titled, “Believer:  My Forty Years in Politics.” Of course, Axelrod is best known as the chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.




Dan Gelber: The Fine Art of Being Mayor of Miami Beach


Born in Miami Beach, DAN GELBER was raised to believe in public service and the importance of community.





Astronaut Winston Scott: A Musician in Outer Space


WINSTON SCOTT is a former NASA astronaut and retired U.S. Navy captain. Scott performed a total of 5 spacewalks on two missions to the International Space Station. Scott grew up in Miami, Florida and is an excellent trumpet player.  As a teenager, he sat in with several major bands and performed at the Hampton House in Brownsville. Today, Scott still plays trumpet and performs with the Winston Scott Cosmic Jazz Ensemble.






A Video Chat with the Multi-Faceted Jane Alexander


Jane Alexander (b.1939) is an American author, actress, and former director of the National Endowment for the Arts. She has received a Tony Award, two Emmy Awards and been nominated for four Academy Awards.  She is also a naturalist and conservationist. Alexander made her Broadway debut in 1968 in The Great White Hope and received the 1969 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress.