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Lana Gordon as Lil Harden

Lana Gordon as Lil Harden

Introduction to Lana Gordon.  2:06 min.  Interview: Raymond Elman.  Editing & Production:  Julio Mendez.  Recorded:  3/11/2020, Colony Theatre, Miami Beach. 


LANA GORDON was born in New London, Connecticut. In 1989, she studied dance at New York City’s Alvin Ailey School. Gordon next participated in a repertory ensemble directed by Sylvia Walters for over 3 years, before joining Donald Bird’s ensemble “The/Group.” Gordon then played the role of Dionne in the European tour of the musical “Hair.”

In 1997, Gordon made her Broadway debut as an ensemble original cast member in “The Lion King,” where she also played the role of Shenzi. Following that, she joined the cast of “Jesus Christ Superstar” on Broadway.

During the past 10 years Gordon has performed all over Europe and the Middle East in a variety of shows including “Chicago” as Velma, “Sister Act” as Deloris, “Tarzan” as Kala, “West Side Story” as Anita, “Carmen Cubana” as Carmen, and at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Qatar as a guest vocalist.

Gordon has also worked as a model in America, both in print and TV advertising, and as an independent vocal artist.
The videos below are organized by topic and run between 1 minute and 7 minutes. Click on any video. You must be connected to the Internet to view the videos.



DEVELOP A VOICE: 1:11 min.

What was your first awareness of art of any discipline?


RESILIENCE:   6:31 min.

Describe the arc of your career.



How did you first become aware of “A Wonderful World”? How did you get the role? And how did you develop the character?



It’s interesting that through the process of researching your character, you were able to help the playwright develop the script.



How do you think contemporary audiences will react to this musical play about Louis Armstrong as seen through the eyes of his four wives? It’s so different from the polished myth.



Describe the interaction between the four actresses playing Louis Armstrong’s wives, both on and off stage.