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Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator Asks Inspico Arts, “What’s New?”

Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator Asks Inspico Arts, “What’s New?”




EVERY MONDAY we will publish a new conversation between Margarita Salas-Amaro (producer of “Tech Conversations”) and Raymond Elman (founding editor-in-chief of “Inspicio Arts”) regarding insightful new video interviews with prominent people in the arts, across all art disciplines, which will be published on the Inspicio Arts website in the weeks to come.

Both the Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator and Inspicio Arts are part of the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts at Florida International University (FIU), and are headquartered at the School of Communication + Journalism on the Biscayne Bay campus in North Miami, Florida.

Stay tuned.

— Maggie & Ray


The videos below were recorded via Zoom. Click on any video. You must be connected to the Internet to view the videos.




RICHARD SAUL WURMAN created and chaired the TED conference from 1984 thru 2002 and the TEDMED conference from 1995 to 2010. Wurman received both his masters and bachelor in architecture degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He has written, designed, and published 90 books on wildly divergent topics.


KIMBERLY GREEN: 13:29 min.

A philanthropist, writer and documentary-filmmaker, KIMBERLY GREEN has led the Green Family Foundation (GFF) since 1997. Under her leadership, GFF has spearheaded a wide variety of initiatives in Haiti and in her native Miami.


PAUL SALTZMAN: 13:03 min.

PAUL SALTZMAN (b.1943) is a Canadian film and television producer and director. A two-time Emmy Award-recipient, he has been credited on more than 300 films, both dramas and documentaries. His most recent film is the feature documentary Meeting the Beatles in India.  His photographs of The Beatles will be permanently installed at The Betsy Hotel in South Beach on 9/23/2021.



STEPHANIE BERTINI is the Miami-based correspondent for the Black News Channel (BNC). Her coverage area includes Latin America, the Caribbean, Central and South Florida.