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Dennis Cuadrado: Nighttime Photography

Dennis Cuadrado:  Nighttime Photography



Dennis Cuadrado photography exhibition at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studio.  1:52 min.


Editor’s Note:  This video interview is part of The Esther Paster & Rick Grossman Inspicio Photography Series.


Born and raised in Miami, DENNIS CUADRADO is a documentary and fine art photographer and educator. For over four decades he has concentrated on nighttime photography.

Cuadrado studied at Florida International University, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts in NYC, as well as the University of Miami.

His work has been exhibited in Florida, NYC, and Texas. He also has been an Art instructor since 1993

“Through photography, I seek to capture rarely viewed scenes and environments and project their visually striking and thought-provoking essence.

I have always been fascinated at how places that bustle with activity during the day take on a new life at night and, in their desolation, create a certain vacuity which breathes its own beauty.

Even in a city with 8 million people solitude and beauty are everywhere.”

— Dennis Cuadrado



Aventura, FL.  2019



Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.  2018



Miami Courthouse.  2018



Wynwood/Miami, FL.  2019



Miami, FL. 2019



Hollywood, FL. 2019



Downtown Miami. 2018



Youth Fair Miami, FL. 2018



Miami, FL. 2019



Youth Fair Miami, FL. 2018