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Campbell McGrath Reads Four Poems from “XX: Poems for the Twentieth Century”


XX:  Poems for the Twentieth Century by Campbell McGrath is an “astonishing sequence of one hundred poems – one for each year of the twentieth century – written in a vast range of forms, and in the voices of figures as varied as Picasso and Mao, Frida Kahlo and Elvis Presley.   Hollywood and Hiroshima, modernism and propaganda, Bob Dylan and Walter Benjamin – its range of interest encompasses the entire century of art and culture, invention and struggle.”  — XX

The videos below are organized by year and run between 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Click on any video. You must be connected to the Internet to view the videos.



EINSTEIN’S CLOCK, 1905: 4:07 min.

Einstein’s Clock, 1905


MATISSE:  TAHITI, 1930:   2:31 min.

Matisse:  Tahiti, 1930


PICASSO, 1973:  4:08 min.

Picasso, 1973



Two Poems for Czeslaw Milosz, 1980